Risk Management Infused with Technology

How We Can Help

With the current global risks, organizations need to prepare for the full range of threats present. Even unforeseen risks such as reputation, regulations, trade secrets, politics, and pandemics can have a developed plan in place. Our deep understanding of risks in all environments provides a systematic approach to mitigating risk, containing threats, and recovering swiftly.  

When you partner with us, you can expect more than a plan. We provide you with the tools and support to prepare for threats, build resiliency, and drive culture. When a company reaches a higher level of readiness, it impacts the organization through enhanced brand reputation, employee morale, and community relations.


Whether we are reviewing an existing plan or helping you build one, we will collaborate with you and your stakeholders to obtain an accurate picture of your company’s culture, pain points, and current procedures. We will assess your company’s risks to design an effective framework that shifts your organization from reactive to proactive.

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Our Patrol Security Model

At Integrous Risk Solutions, we employ uniformed professionals in highly visible patrol vehicles within the Minneapolis, Minnesota area that demonstrate a strong visible deterrence on your property. Our mobile patrol security model increases the efficiency of our officer's time on your property by eliminating downtime time, fatigue, and agent distraction. This will lead to more effective security because our officers will be alert and able to respond at a moment's notice.

Our mobile patrols will be present on your property providing peace of mind. We schedule randomized patrols to come onto your property, completing assigned tasks and providing a highly visible presence for your residents, employees, customers, and deterrent to potential threats, documenting everything that occurs on your property in real-time for proper transparency. Our patrol service also allows clients’, the ability to contact our patrol team whenever they “need assistance” and we will respond momentarily to provide deterrence and support. 




INTEGROUS RISK SOLUTIONS is an industry-leading  risk management executive protection and training solution provider We empower private and corporate clients with expert guidance subject matter expertise and a global footprint to navigate emerging risk and security issues. Integrous' business approach combines  top-tier professionals data-driven approaches proven strategies and leadership from across the globe. Integrous provides the most comprehensive solutions to address modern-day security, safety, and risk management issues.