While many businesses do an excellent job of protecting their network and applications against the threat of a cyber-attack, organizations fail to consider the risk associated with a possible physical attack on their locations and personnel.  

A Red Team assessment will provide proven recommendations that will improve an organization’s overall security program. A Red Team assessment will expand your security awareness program to include testing the procedures, alarms, access systems, and physical barriers that protect the sensitive information located at your physical location. Our assessment can also provide recommendations for executive travel and protection. 

Red Team assessments uncover real-world vulnerabilities in the physical barriers and systems that support them. These systems are meant to protect employees, sensitive information, and expensive hardware. Our specialists create simulated attacks that mirror the actions that criminals might take to gain unauthorized access to sensitive equipment, data centers, or sensitive information.


  • Exposure of vulnerabilities in your current security systems

  • After a breach, measure the response time of your staff and/or digital systems

  • You can increase security measures before people with bad intentions can do any harm (both for technical systems and computer systems)

  • You will have a better understanding of criminal ‘innovations’

  • Continuous monitoring of security systems safeguards stakeholders’ trust