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Our Approach

We can help you create a robust security environment with services that include threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security and resilience for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.

Our global security consultants have decades of experience advising private clients and corporations across industries that range from construction, manufacturing, and transportation to education, hospitality, and government. We can help you create a robust security environment with services that include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and planning.

Residential Security

Keep your most important valuables safe with sophisticated residential security. We help you protect your family, safeguard your premises, the residence, and other possessions. Some families require full-time protection, others only during events or short periods of temporarily raised risks. Whatever the case, Integrous Risk Solutions understands that for some, security is a part of life and that’s why we only employ screened, trustworthy, and service-minded security professionals. We are aware that your situation is like no other. A personal approach is always the safest. We invite you to reach out to us to find out how we can help you keep your family safe.

Global Travel

Do you require secure transportation for your travels abroad? Integrous Risk Solutions saves you the trouble of searching for a reliable security chauffeur and safe vehicle every time you visit a different country or area. With only one phone call, we can arrange a security driver and a well-maintained luxury vehicle anywhere around the world. We can offer you this service thanks to our vast network of screened companies. We work closely with security and transport agencies only who provide safe (armored) luxury cars, limousines, buses, and other motorized vehicles as well as highly trained, locally certified drivers.

Superyacht Security

Superyacht security is not only about professionals protecting your yacht in a port or at sea. The big picture includes technical security systems, anticipating and assessing the possible risks during a voyage or in a marina, and a well-trained crew. Even with sophisticated equipment such as alarms and (infrared) camera systems, your crew and guests may not know what to do or expect in a hostile or dangerous situation. Safety precautions are needed against (unfortunately) rising criminal and terrorist activity at sea.

Executive Protection

Integrous Risk Solutions aims to provide a safe environment for our clients to conduct their business and live their lives.  Our expert tacticians deliver tailored solutions for executive protection; balancing best practices and threat environments with client preferences.

Safeguarding our clients from threats of physical violence and reputational harm requires timely and accurate threat information through open communication and information sharing. Whether that entails low visibility operators, high-profile motorcade support, protective surveillance, discreet over-watch, or any combination thereof, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Media Security

Media security, or media protection, is a discipline like no other. We are experienced in protecting both independent freelance journalists and media teams working in broad-cast journalism abroad or investigative journalism in their home country. While traveling abroad to cover global news, you may find yourself in a country or region that requires safety precautions. Including a security adviser, remote medic, or security driver in your team reduces the risks of criminal attacks and kidnapping. Our media security teams consist of former US military special operations soldiers with extensive experience working as security advisers in hostile environments in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Event Security

With special event security, Integrous Risk Solutions protect you and your assets during a concert, red carpet event, conference, opening, or product release. Depending on the requirements, we focus on security and can manage your event from start to end. Involve us from executive to management level activities, such as arranging licenses and crowd management.

We are there for your safety, assessing, planning, briefing, implementing, and executing means and officers. We make sure you can perform on stage safely, speak at a political event uninterruptedly or clear your path through any crowd.